How to Sell on Etsy + 47 Etsy Shop Ideas to Get You Started Today

Learn how to sell on Etsy and check out what’s trending on Etsy in 2022. Here’s a list of 47 Etsy shop ideas for you to get started with.

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Knowing how to start an Etsy shop is crucial for long-term success. But with our instructions and our 47 Etsy Shop Ideas, you’ll be making money in no time. Read on to learn more about how you can establish a profitable business on Etsy!

How to Sell on Etsy

Everything listed for sale on Etsy must be handmade, vintage (over 20 years old), or a craft supply.  Your items must not violate intellectual property laws, and there is a list of prohibited items including drug paraphernalia, adult content, human remains, live animals, and items that promote hateful ideologies.

1. Make Sure Your Products Are Eligible to Sell on Etsy.

Do You Need a Business License to Sell on Etsy?

Etsy’s FAQ states:

“Etsy doesn’t require sellers to have a business license to sell on Etsy. However, when selling on Etsy you’re required to follow any laws that apply to you as a small business selling online.”

Ask a professional if your Etsy store needs municipal, state, or federal licensing or permits.

2. Creating your Etsy Account

To sell on Etsy, you need an account. Click “Sign In,”  then create an account with your email address or use Google, Facebook, or Apple to sign in. 

Creating your Etsy Account

3. Set your Shop Preferences

To open your Etsy business, visit on a desktop web browser and select “Get started.”  Select your shop language, country, and currency, then click Save and continue. The next steps can be done on a desktop or app. 

Set your Shop Preferences

4. Brainstorm Etsy Shop Names

Ideally, your shop name is easy to remember and reflects your products and values. Etsy’s Ultimate Guide to Starting an Etsy Shop has excellent guidelines for choosing a name.

Reflect on Your Product / Business

Your business name should be directly related to your products.  What sells on Etsy are storefronts with names that stand out among the other sellers and state clearly what you sell. For more help in making your business stand out, check out our article on marketing logo ideas.


Etsy doesn’t allow copycat Etsy shop names unless they’re altered enough to be deemed original. Besides that, a name that is very similar to another shop may win some sales from confused buyers, but you will lose more sales to people who mistake you for your established competitor.

Short and Sweet

Keep your Etsy ideas brief and to the point. Your Etsy shop name can’t be longer than 20 characters and can’t contain spaces or punctuation. Make sure you use capital letters to separate words: “JonsVintageShop” is easier for prospective customers to decipher than “jonsvintageshop.”

Make it Memorable

The more memorable your Etsy small business name, the greater your likelihood of referrals and word-of-mouth business. But while it’s good to follow Etsy trends, don’t follow them too closely. A name that is trendy today may look dated next season. Evergreen names that stay memorable are your best bet.

Test It

First, check Etsy to see if other sellers are using your name. Then do a Google search to see if your name is already used by other businesses or websites.

5. Add Items to your Shop

Now that you’ve brainstormed ideas for an Etsy name, it’s time to add some items. Upload inventory photos, determine your inventory and pricing, set shipping prices, and publish the listing.

6. Choose Payment Preference and Billing

Set up your Etsy payment preferences, and provide a bank account where sales funds can be deposited. You will also need a debit card or credit card for Etsy billing.

7. Track Sales & Maintain Customer Service

Now that you’ve made your Etsy store ideas a reality, here are some tips:

  • Remember the 80/20 rule and focus on top-selling items that sell well. 
  • Be available when users contact you, so you don’t miss impulse buys.
  • Understand that returns are inevitable, so don’t take them personally.

How to Make Money on Etsy

The secrets to Etsy small business success:

  • Come up with a profitable idea 
  • Set up an Etsy Store 
  • Sell enough to cover costs and time
  • Promote your store to get buyers

Sounds difficult? Lots of Etsy small business owners are making money with their store. You could be next!

Choosing What to Sell on Etsy

The products you sell on Etsy will help to establish your brand. For ideas for selling on Etsy, consider longtime Etsy seller Jess Bellflower’s advice:

“One of the biggest challenges we face as shop owners is establishing our brand as we curate our shops. Will you have a dedicated aesthetic for your shop? Only sell items from a certain era?”

By choosing your shop’s inventory wisely, you set yourself apart from other sellers.

Know What’s Trending on Etsy

Etsy’s Search Analytics keeps track of traffic sources and the percentage of visits that convert to sales. You can also integrate Google Analytics with your Etsy store.

Perhaps the best tool to help you keep an eye on Etsy trends is eRank, an SEO website dedicated wholly to Etsy.

Calculate Your Cost on the Most Profitable Ideas

To speed your journey to the Etsy winner’s circle, focus on your most profitable Etsy small business ideas and start calculating your costs and Etsy fees from there. Your budget is limited, so spend it where you will get the best return on your investment.

47 Trending Etsy Shop Ideas for 2022

Learning what sells on Etsy is the key to Etsy success. And so here are the 47 best things to sell on Etsy, broken down into convenient subgroups.


1. Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing is one of the most popular things to sell on Etsy. While there is a lot of competition, there’s always room for a savvy vintage seller with a sense of style and strong marketing skills.


CavallieNastri, an Italian seller, sells high-end vintage clothing and accessories.

2. Baby Clothes & Accessories

One of the best Etsy shop ideas is a storefront that specializes in baby clothing and accessories. Parents and grandparents are always happy to spend money on handmade and personalized baby clothes, so there will always be a healthy market.


RaspberryQueenCrafts sells baby onesies with funny personalized slogans.

3. Custom T-Shirts

The custom T-shirt market is saturated thanks to print-on-demand T-shirts, but there is always room for a skilled T-shirt designer who can create or find beautiful (and copyright-free) imagery that goes well on a shirt.


Teelologyofthebody offers beautiful Catholic icons and images on T-shirts.

Arts & Crafts

4. Craft Supplies 

Etsy got its start catering to crafters, and craft supplies remain among the best-selling items on etsy. Etsy trends will come and go, but there will always be Etsy customers who are looking for craft supplies like fabric and yarn. 


Cleverhands sells bookbinding tools like awls and cloth for bookmakers.

5. Custom Bags/Totes

Tote bags are a blank canvas waiting to be personalized, and so not surprisingly they are a popular item to sell on Etsy. If you can create catchy slogans and designs, you will find many interested Etsy buyers.


JoyApparelUSA is one of Etsy’s largest sellers of personalized totes.

6. Fabric

Many craft products, not just sewing, start with fabric. And many Etsy sellers buy fabric wholesale, sell vintage fabrics, or offer quilting and fabric scraps to buyers who make their Etsy crafts ideas into reality.


AlmaSueShop offers a wide selection of quilting supplies and fabrics.

7. Bow Ties

Bow ties are back in style, and a bowtie storefront selling vintage or homemade ties is an easy Etsy shop idea that will win favor with stylish gentlefolk and their partners looking for a perfect gift.


SperoAccessories has a selection of bow ties for young and old.

8. Embroidery/Ironing Patches

Because iron-on patches are a huge part of many vintage styles, embroidery patch stores are often trending on Etsy. Whether you buy your own equipment or have someone else produce your patches, you will find buyers on Etsy.


ElCTradingCompany lets Etsy buyers design their own custom patches.

9. Sewing Supplies

Etsy is wildly popular among sewing crafters, who come in search of everything from vintage sewing machines to hard-to-find sewing tools. Sewing supplies sell on Etsy, and your Etsy shop could turn a good profit selling to Etsy tailors.


CutexSewingSupplies offers over 2,700 items for sewing and garment care.

10. Washi Tape

Washi tape is a decorative masking tape used for journals, artworks, cards, and other purposes. It is attractive, sticks to almost every surface, and can be removed without damaging items. A washi tape storefront is an easy Etsy shop idea.


MechaKucha808 sells William Morris and Art Deco-inspired washi tape.

11. Ribbons

If you are looking for ideas for an Etsy store, consider ribbons. Ribbons are used in many crafting projects, and many crafters get their ribbons and other supplies from Etsy so you have an interested audience of prospective buyers. 


AzenithCollection has racked up over 76,000 Etsy ribbon sales.

12. Stamps & Pads

Personalized stamps can be used for grading papers, stamping signatures, creating decorative art, and more. Stamps and pads are sold in many Etsy shops, and you can transform your Etsy crafts ideas into Etsy profits.


AcornStampCo has been making stamps and pads since 1964.

13. Beads

Beads are used in many crafting projects, and since Etsy caters to crafters it is not surprising that you see many thriving bead stores on Etsy. Whether it’s vintage or new beads, you’ll find many bead buyers on Etsy.


Anniesbead offers over 2,850 choices of beads for Etsy crafters.

14. Feathers

Crafters are always on the lookout for new supplies, including feathers of all sizes and colors. If you’re looking for Etsy shop ideas, there’s nothing featherbrained about a feather shop. (Be careful not to offer prohibited items like eagle feathers).


ZuckerFeatherPlace offers both craft feathers and accessories made with feathers.

15. Custom Framed Chalkboards

Businesses use chalkboards outside their stores and families use chalkboards to organize daily activities and grocery lists. If you’re selling custom framed chalkboards on Etsy, you’re sure to find plenty of interested buyers.


TwoShmoopsBoutique offers their chalkboards blank or with a personalized frame.

16. Personalized Jewelry

Personalized jewelry is a one-of-a-kind, customized piece of art that can be found at all price levels. Etsy gives jewelry makers a storefront and access to millions of Etsy buyers looking for that perfect gift for themself or someone else. 


Geominimalist has over 114,000 Etsy sales of personalized jewelry.

17. Vintage Jewelry

Whether you’re looking for rhinestones or diamonds, you can find many pieces of vintage jewelry on Etsy.  An popular Etsy jewelry store can gross over $100,000 a month, so vintage jewelry is something a prospective Etsy seller should definitely consider.


VintageJewelrySharon sells vintage and antique jewelry and accessories.

18. Gems & Crystals

Etsy has many gem and crystal sellers who appreciate being able to sell their products without lugging them to fairs and events. Crystals and gems are Etsy favorites and Etsy crystal sellers can make a good income from their store.  


Fairytopiacrystals sells crystal “mystery boxes” and has many repeat customers.

19. Jewelry Box

Keeping your jewelry organized is a struggle without a good jewelry box. Whether you build them yourself or sell vintage boxes, a jewelry box store can be a great Etsy business idea for sellers looking to get started.


SHANIKStore sells wooden jewelry boxes and other home accessories.

20. Original Artwork

Etsy is a great place to profit from your passion. Original artwork is not an easy Etsy shop idea, as it requires some degree of artistic skill. But those with that gift can find many interested buyers on Etsy.


SlothMomCrafts lets her artistically talented sloths paint for her.

21. Ornaments

Christmas comes but once a year, but people buy Christmas ornaments every day. While sales will peak around the holiday season and slow down thereafter, an ornament store is a great idea for Etsy sellers to consider.


NorthPoleTreasures has sold over 42,000 personalized Christmas ornaments on Etsy.

22. Wall Art & Prints

Wall art and prints are some of the most popular things to sell on Etsy. Etsy has wall art to suit almost every artistic taste, and Etsy buyers keep decorating their living space with Etsy wall art. 


GalleryModernArt specializes in high-quality modern and abstract art prints.

23. Table Runners

Table runners are highly customizable, well suited to a variety of tables, and take up less space in your linen closet than a full tablecloth. If you are selling on Etsy, consider adding table runners to your inventory.


LinenIsLove sells linen table runners and table textiles.

24. Wall Clocks

Wall clocks have once again become fashionable, and many Etsy buyers are looking for the perfect clock to decorate their living space. If you have that clock in your Etsy store, you just won yourself a sale! 


CopperEmpire sells lovely handmade patinaed copper and brass clocks.

25. Unique Coasters

Stop wondering what to sell on Etsy and try coasters. Drink coasters are popular with hipsters and with people who don’t want drink rings on their furniture, and come in a number of different designs and materials.


ConcettasCrafts provides crocheted coasters to set your beverage on.

26. Digital Downloads

Digital downloads are easy to sell on Etsy. You create a template or image, upload it to Etsy, and make money every time somebody purchases your download. 


SSPartyShop designs invitation templates Etsy buyers download and print themselves.

27. Engraved Wood Pieces/Signs

Engraved wooden signs, picture frames, and children’s blocks are just a few things entrepreneurs are selling on Etsy. If you invest in a laser engraver and open an Etsy shop, you could soon have a thriving business on your hands.


MemoriesMadeCustom offers a wide selection of laser-engraved wood products.

28. Candles

You can find candles in all shapes and sizes on Etsy. If you know how to make candles, or if you are willing to learn, you can get an Etsy shop off the ground in no time.


KindredFires has sold over 85,000 hand-poured and scented candles.

Personalized Items

29. Planner Inserts and Stickers

Keeping organized in these busy times can be a challenge. Planner inserts and stickers are an easy Etsy shop idea that will help buyers keep their schedules in order and help you earn extra income.


InTheSlightest has sold thousands of decorative and functional planning stickers.

30. Party Supplies

An Etsy search for “party supplies” brings up over 12.5 million listings. Given how party supplies are constantly trending on Etsy, you should definitely consider party supplies when you are brainstorming your Etsy ideas for a storefront.


MichelesAttic is a popular Etsy store selling vintage party supplies.

31. Slimes

When you are thinking about what sells on Etsy, “slimes” may not be your first choice. But with nearly 69,000 slime listings on Etsy, Etsy buyers clearly love custom slimes, and they are easy to make and sell.


LoopySlimeCo sells attractive slime kits like their DIY Slime Sundae.

32. Greeting cards

In this age of emails and texting, there is something reassuring about a greeting card. A greeting card store is an easy Etsy shop idea that you can start without an enormous investment if you have some artistic talent.


DirtyPopCards found its Etsy niche selling risque 3d pop-up cards.

33. Fancy Invitations

You want your invitations to be something that your guests remember. Many party hosts come to Etsy to find fancy invitations to mark their special occasions, and if your Etsy shop meets their needs, you can win their business. 


RockHeartArtist prints custom birthday invitations and personalized posters.

34. Wood Photo Transfers

Personalized wood photo transfers are consistently strong sellers. If you can stain and glue pictures onto wood and have a color printer, you can have a successful and profitable wood photo transfer Etsy shop.


Rootedngroundedhome has sold over 100,000 photo transfers and wall art.

35. Gift Wrapping & Tags

When you find the perfect Etsy gift, you want to wrap it properly. Etsy shops selling vintage and custom wrapping paper and tags are there to meet that demand, and your shop could be right there making money with them.


SoSweetPartyShop has wrapping paper and tags for every special occasion.

36. Gifts for Weddings

Etsy has over 4.5 million listings for wedding gifts, so you know personalized wedding gifts are hugely popular. If your Etsy shop idea taps into that demand, you can get your share of the profits from a huge market.


RedBerryGuestBooks sells wedding guest books bound in personalized wooden covers.

37. Phone Cases

People want to put cases on their expensive new smartphones, so a storefront that offers personalized phone cases is one of the best Etsy shop ideas for somebody looking to establish a small online business.


PolkaCase is a star seller of Van Gogh-inspired phone cases.

38. Pet ID Tag

Pet parents want to make sure their faithful family members have their required ID tags. Etsy sellers offer customized pet IDs in a wide variety of sizes and materials for style-conscious fur babies and their loving owners.


Providence Engraving offers pet owners a selection of ID tags.

Kitchen Supplies

39. Baking & Cooking Supplies

Baking and cooking supplies are among the hottest items to sell on Etsy. Cooks love personalized supplies and equipment, and there is enormous interest in vintage Pyrex ware and other mid century cooking dishes and utensils.


BigDayMerch sells cookie stamps, pot holders, and hot pads.

40. Aprons

Aprons are easy to sew and you can set up a popular Etsy apron storefront without investing a lot of money into fabric and sewing accessories. As your sewing skills increase, you can add new apron patterns to your shop.


StacyKitchenDecor has sold over 50,000 aprons and towels on Etsy. 

41. Engraved Cutting Boards

Personalized engraved cutting boards are popular with home chefs and with wedding guests looking for the perfect present. With an Etsy storefront and a little work, your investment in a laser engraving machine should pay for itself shortly.


DynamicWorkshop has thousands of positive reviews for engraved cutting boards.

Self Care Items

42. Yoga Mats

A yoga mat storefront is an easy Etsy shop idea. Yoga remains popular, and every Yogi or Yogini needs a yoga mat. Personalized, high-quality yoga mats will be sure to attract the attention, and money, of Yoga-loving Etsy buyers.


Yoga Kharga sends yoga mats and related products from India.

43. Soaps & Bath Bombs

The soap and bath bomb markets are booming, and anybody who can learn how to make and sell soaps and bath bombs can have a successful Etsy business without a huge initial investment. 


Soakey Dokey has sold thousands of bath bombs on Etsy.

44. Pillowcases

Customized pillowcases are popular on Etsy, as are vintage pillowcases and high-quality handmade pillowcases. A good pillowcase can improve your sleep quality, and a good pillowcase store on Etsy can fatten your bank balance.


FlempyPUP turns your pet’s photo into a custom pet pillow. 

45. Custom Nails

There are over 18,000 custom nail offerings on Etsy, so there is certainly a market for them. If you have experience as a manicurist or nail artist, you could be making money at your custom Etsy nail shop. 


NAILVERSEbyElena offers custom French tips, solid color, and hand-painted nails.

46. Planner & Journals

Planners and journals are popular on Etsy in both their paper and digital forms. Everybody could use a little organization in their lives, and a nice homemade personal journal is a great way to get your affairs in order


CosmicValeria has sold over 6,000 witchy planners, journals, and workbooks. 

47. Baby Items

Baby items are among Etsy’s hottest sellers. People love to give new moms handcrafted baby items. Expectant parents are always in the market for baby items like baby toys, teething necklaces, vintage changing tables, and baby furniture.


SugarHouseSwaddles became a Star Etsy Seller with personalized baby blankets.

The Top Selling Items on Etsy 2022:

Want to know how to make money on Etsy? Offer products that are in high demand. 

Here are Etsy’s top-selling categories. If you’re looking for Etsy small business ideas, a shop specializing in one or more of these categories is a great place to start.

  1. Craft & Supplies
  2. Handmade Items
  3. Jewelry
  4. Wedding Items
  5. Accessories
  6. Paper & Party Supplies
  7. Clothing
  8. Vintage Items
  9. Home & Living
  10. Art & Collectibles.

Final Thoughts

If you want to make money on Etsy and other platforms, follow our website for lots of creative marketing ideas.

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