73+ Outstanding Cleaning Business Names: Totally Unused Ideas

Unique & catchy cleaning business names! Witty, professional, and sweet/cute cleaning service names – includes strategic steps to coming up with your own!

Cleaning Business Names

Cleaning companies have to make a solid first impression. Your first and biggest chance to outshine your janitorial service competitors is brainstorming the most catchy, creative, and witty cleaning business names. 

Customers enjoy and remember witty cleaning company names, and the most exciting and memorable ones generally get the most patronage. 

If you need business name ideas, here are some unique and entertaining cleaning slogans to inspire your creative muse.

Grab Attention in Seconds: A Few Quick Tips

73+ Outstanding Cleaning Business Names: Totally Unused Ideas

A Simply Business UK survey reports that 64% of people are more likely to notice a business with a funny or witty name, and 28% of people are most likely to shop with them. 

Puns and hilarious combinations are a great way to attract customers. But with 1,063,988 janitorial services businesses in the United States as of 2021, there are lots of other companies competing for customer attention. 

To help you win that battle, here are some quick tips to consider when brainstorming your cleaning business name ideas.

Keep it Short

To quote William Shakespeare, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” The best cleaning service names use a few perfectly chosen and memorable words.

Make it Sound Like a Punchline

Some of the most catchy names for a cleaning business use puns. Even bad puns can be hard to forget, and a good pun can sweep your prospective cleaning customers off their feet.

Obvious Terms

The best name for a cleaning company is one that makes it obvious you are a cleaning company. A good way to do that is to include “clean”, “cleaning,” or other obvious synonyms and related words in your name.

Our 73+ Unique Cleaning Business Names Just for You

Since you’re reading this, you probably need an unused list of cleaning business names for your service. Whether you specialize in homes, offices, or all-around cleaning services, these 73+ catchy cleaning business names and ideas will jump-start your cleaning career! 

Read on and learn how to wipe away the cleaning competition.

15 Witty Cleaning Business Names

Clever cleaning business names show off your intelligence to prospective clients. A name that makes people laugh is not only memorable but also has a high referral potential as well.

Some witty cleaning business names include:

  • InstaGleam Cleaning Services
  • Spotless Squad 
  • Fantastic Floor 
  • Scene of the Grime Cleaning Services
  • Squeaky Cleaners
  • Heroes of the Scour
  • Scrub You the Right Way
  • Lean Mean Cleaning Machines
  • Clean Conscience Janitorial Services
  • Dusting Offman
  • Polished Performances
  • Shiny Happy Cleaners Holding Mops
  • Mop, Broom, and Bucket
  • Wizard of Mops
  • Lord of the Clean

11 Catchy Cleaning Business Names

A catchy name makes your business hard to forget. Keep it short, simple, and to the point. 

Here are some catchy cleaning company name ideas:

  • Take a Clean Shot
  • Human Beamers
  • Atlas Scrubbed
  • Dirt Destroyers
  • Crud Patrol
  • Space Sanitizers 
  • Sultans of Sweep
  • Fifty Shades of Clean
  • Mops Ahoy
  • Swabbin’ Yer Decks
  • Tough on Grime

13 Sweet/charming Cleaning Business Names

Home cleaning businesses often find that cute cleaning business names draw more business. Charming names make customers feel good about having your cleaners in their homes. 

Some cute names to attract prospective clients include:

  • Meadow-Fresh Makeover
  • Happy Shine Squad
  • Dustbunny Ranchers
  • Tidy Touch Cleaners
  • Gentle Maids and Sweepers
  • Rubber Ducky’s Squeaky Cleaners
  • Top of the Morning Cleaning
  • Spring Breeze Cleaners
  • Honeysuckle and Moonbeams
  • Spotless Gardens
  • Sweet Morning Meadows
  • Busy Bee’s Honeydew Cleaners
  • Ladybug Flies to Your Home

17 Formal Cleaning Business Names

If you are seeking corporate and business clients, you want a more formal-sounding name. A prospective business client wants to know that your cleaners can do the job reliably and professionally.

Some professional cleaning business names could include: 

  • Polish Master Cleaning Services
  • Top-Tier Cleaning Company
  • Washing Pro Residential and Commercial Cleaning
  • Executive Cleaning
  • Professional Cleaners
  • Spotless Facilities Cleaning Specialists
  • Golden Cleaning Pros
  • Happy Housekeeper Professional Cleaning Services
  • Scrubbing Network Pro Cleaners
  • Clean Hands Custodial Services
  • Simply Exceptional Cleaning Services
  • Trusted Cleaners
  • Traveling Maids Cleaning
  • GreenClean Eco-Friendly Cleaners
  • Housekeepers for Hire Cleaning Services
  • Journeymaids Cleaning and Housekeeping
  • Sparkling Clean Housekeepers

17 Other Creative Names for a Cleaning Business

There is no limit to possible cleaning company name ideas. Use your imagination and put all your ideas together until you come up with a name that works for you. 

To provide inspiration, here are 17 more good names for a cleaning company:

  • Quicky Clean
  • Dream Gleam
  • Clean and Polished Housekeeping
  • Clean Thoughts Maids
  • Super Sparkling Cleaners
  • Sweep the Leg (and Everything Else) Cleaners
  • Scour of the Dragon
  • Floorshines and Dustsweeps
  • Scrub, Sweep, Polish, and Shine Cleaners
  • Golden Broom Cleaning Services
  • Mighty Dustpan Cleaners
  • Nature Adores Vacuum Cleaners
  • Clean Home, Peaceful Mind
  • Polished Professional Cleaning Services
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Home Cleaners
  • Grimefighters Professional Cleaning Services
  • Crudoff and Grimegone, Professional Cleaners

Analyzing Names of Cleaning Companies in USA

Service Master Clean

In 1929 Marion E. Wade founded ServiceMaster as a mothproofing company, and in 1952 ServiceMaster introduced franchised carpet cleaning services. 

ServiceMaster Clean is a professional cleaning business name. It is short, easy to remember, and tells you that they are masters of cleaning services. And you can tell Marion E. Wade was on to something, as nearly 100 years later ServiceMaster Clean provides professional cleaning services to over 75,000 homes and businesses each day. 

ServiceMaster Clean may be one of the best cleaning company names, and it is certainly one of the best-known.

Maid Brigade

Since 1979, Maid Brigade has been providing cleaning and disinfecting services to commercial and residential properties.  

When it comes to catchy names for a cleaning business, it’s hard to top “Maid Brigade.” Rhyme is a great way to make names memorable, and “Brigade” gives the impression of a large team of professionals waiting to battle dirt. 

That memorable name played a huge role in Maid Brigade’s success. Today ​​Maid Brigade has over 380 house cleaning franchise territories throughout the US and Canada.

New York’s Little Elves

In the 1970s single mother, Barbara Roche started taking on cleaning jobs for friends and acquaintances. Today Roche is the CEO of New York’s Little Elves. 

“Little Elves” is a classic among cute cleaning business names. It reassures clients and evokes images of cleaners who take care of business quietly and unobtrusively.

New York City is not known for being cute, but thanks to their cute name New York’s Little Elves now has a staff of over 30 who clean some of Manhattan’s most prestigious residences.

Jani King

In 1968 Jani-King founder Jim Kavanaugh began marketing janitorial services by day, then cleaning offices at night. Within a year, he established Jani-King.

Jani-King is a catchy cleaning business name that rolls off the tongue. The first syllable lets you know they are a janitorial service, and the second syllable lets you know they’re the king of janitorial services. The name helped lead them to the throne: today Jani-King is the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchise company.

Bonus Building Care

Bonus Building Care was founded in 1996 by Arlene Kavanaugh, Jim Kavanaugh’s ex-wife and Jani-King co-founder. Today Bonus has franchises throughout the southern and midwestern United States. 

Bonus Building Care is a professional cleaning company name, which is appropriate since they focus on commercial clients. The first word, “Bonus,” makes clients feel like they are getting something extra. The second and third words explain what Bonus does, which is caring for buildings.

Allied Facility Care

Allied Facility Care has over 25 years of experience meeting the commercial cleaning, janitorial, and facility care needs of businesses throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 

Professional cleaning service names need to be memorable but not gimmicky. “Allied” is simple to remember and “Facility Care” sets them apart from home cleaning services. It’s not an especially exciting name, but it’s helped Allied become one of the biggest commercial cleaning companies in Texas.

Executive Touch Cleaning Services

In 2001 Ruth Garcia-Udall created Executive Touch Cleaning Services to meet the needs of residential homeowners and apartment dwellers looking for house cleaning services. Today Executive Touch is one of the most well-regarded cleaning company names in McKinney, Texas.

“Executive Touch” appeals to working homeowners who need somebody to tidy the premises and do the chores. It is serious enough to appeal to corporate executives and conveys an appealing touch of sophistication as well.

Pritchard Industries

Since 1986 Pritchard Industries has expanded into New England, Texas, and the southern and midwestern United States. Pritchard offers a wide range of services to commercial buildings, schools, universities, and other large facilities. 

Pritchard was founded in 1914 and made a name for itself by providing janitorial services in New York. After establishing itself as a unique cleaning business name, Pritchard decided to use that good name to expand into other markets as well.

Choosing a Great Commercial Cleaning Business Name: Expert Tips

One of the most important decisions you will make as an entrepreneur is choosing the right business name. Cleaning company names build a brand image, lets audiences know what services you offer, and are important search keywords for online marketing efforts.

We have provided some suggested unique names for a cleaning business, but that is just one part of running a successful enterprise. (You may also want to check out our list of other useful creative marketing tools). Here is some more personalized advice for choosing a business name that works for your company.

Choose a Branding Strategy

What image do you want for your brand? Do you want to be witty, charming, and slightly sarcastic? Are you looking for a homey, friendly image or do you want something more buttoned-down and corporate? Make an outline of your marketing and branding intentions.

For example, a third-generation family cleaning business should concentrate on its family ties to the industry. A cleaning brand name and byline like “Kowalski Cleaning: Mopping Floors Since 1957” establishes your reputation and professional credentials.  

For more information on branding, check out our list of the best marketing logo ideas.

Check Out the Competition

When you’re searching for ideas for your cleaning business name, check out your competitors. If you see words or phrases you like, try to think of synonyms or related words and rephrase those ideas in your own name and byline.  

You don’t want to copy the competition, but you definitely should have a sense of what the top players in the industry are doing. Make sure your brand can easily be distinguished from theirs and use due diligence to make sure your name or logo does not run afoul of currently registered trademarks.

Let your Creative Juices Flow

Now that you’ve learned a few things about good names for cleaning businesses, here are some suggestions for finding a name for your own enterprise. 

  • Brainstorming and free association are great ways to inspire your creativity. Let your mind wander and jot down any short and punchy name that pops into your head. 
  • When you have a long list of creative names for your cleaning business, edit as necessary.
  • A thesaurus and dictionary can be very helpful for finding new words you might include in your business name.
  • Since your cleaning business is going to be a local affair (at least at first), it is generally good to include your city or region in your name. 

When you have chosen your cleaning business name, be sure to check out our guide to creative marketing strategies.

A Few Things to Keep in Check

As you try to find a catchy name for your cleaning business, here are some things you should do and things you really should avoid:


  • Know your audience. Envision your average customer, then imagine names that will get their attention. 
  • Choose a name that fits your branding. Industrial Cleaning Solutions is a great cleaning business name for a commercial cleaner, but Clean Home Solutions might work better for a residential agency.


  • Don’t be offensive. Despite what Alice Cooper said, there is such a thing as bad publicity. 
  • Don’t get too sophisticated with your puns or references. You want to appeal to as broad an audience as possible. 
  • Don’t use dated references. Today’s celebrity may be forgotten next year, and today’s hot topics may be forgotten even sooner.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning business names need to be catchy – but there’s also a strategy that runs in the background of this branding session. Use the tips we provided above to put together a name that has the potential to collect leads and stay top of the mind of your consumers.

At Profit Stack, our goal is to empower small and medium-sized businesses like yours with tools and tactics that have been proven to succeed. Consider us your guide to growth no matter how big your competition is! Head over to our blog collection for more strategic content to help your business capture a percentage of the market.

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